Bogor Agricultural University (IPB, Indonesia)

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB, Indonesia) has long experience in various exchange programs. IPB is located in Bogor, 60 km south of Jakarta, where more than 80 hectares of Botanical Gardens adjoin with Presidential Palace can be found in the center of the city. As to being a world-class university, IPB pays considerable attention to the strengthening of international collaboration as well as cooperation with national networks. Student and staff exchange programs, joint research and publication, credit earning systems, dual/double degree programs, training and courses etc. are among the activities which are strongly encouraged. IPB is considered to be a pleasant place for studying and doing research on the area of environmental and bio-sciences, which covering related fields on the tropical agriculture, veterinary medicine, fisheries and marine sciences, animal sciences, forestry, agricultural engineering and technology, mathematics and natural sciences, economics and management as well as human ecology.